About the DDA Education Standards Website

About this Website

Welcome to the Disability Discrimination Act - Education Standards Website. The Standards became federal law in August 2005.

This website has been designed to help users understand important parts of the DDA Education Standards. Whether you are a person with a disability, an associate of a person with a disability, or a person involved in the delivery of education, this website will help you understand some important parts of the DDA Education Standards. It does not cover the full detail of the DDA Education Standards, just the more important parts of the Standards.

The information is provided in three different ways.

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Important notice about the information provided here

Whilst all effort has been made to make the information as easy to understand as possible in the different formats, the user should realise that this website is for information and awareness purposes only. If the user has any concerns or needs more detailed advice they are strongly encouraged to contact a solicitor. A list of Community Legal Centres that can offer support and advice can be found in the Links section of this site.

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